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The Best universities &

Courses in Holland

Want to study abroad? In the Netherlands you will find the wides offer of bachelor and master courses in English in continental Europe. With optimal quality standards for all Universities The Netherlands / Holland is by far the best European alternative for the UK. This also makes it difficult to state what the best Dutch Universities are. It all depends on the course you want to do and the way you like to study. Also because in the Netherlands each region has its own specialization and qualities. A bit like with food in Italy, each region has their signature dishes.


Of course there are rankings to help you get a better idea of the quality of Universities in the Netherlands. 

1. 'Top Universities' / QS University Rankings

An important rankings for Research/Science Universities worldwide is

called 'Top Universities'. Quite all Dutch research Universities are in the top 200 of this QS World University Rankings

The overall tanking of our research universities you find below but rememeber that this is an average based on their course rankings. It coud be that for your course University of Twente ranks better than Leiden.

RANK 52. Delft University of Technology

RANK 59. UvA - University of Amsterdam

RANK 99. Eindhoven University of Technology

RANK 120 University of Groningen

RANK 122 Leiden University

RANK 124 Utrecht University

RANK 125 Wageningen University of Agriculture

RANK 172 University of Twente

RANK 179 Erasmus University Rotterdam

RANK 204 Radboud University
RANK 211 Maastricht University

RANK 231 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

RANK 319 Tilburg University


2. Ranking of Universities of Applied Sciences

There are also rankings for Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. These are mostly based on the courses in Dutch but give a good idea of the quality of the school. If you are interested in one of the Universities I can help you find all the info you want to check if your course has the quality that you are searching for!

Universities of Applied Sciences are not taken into account in 'worldwide' rankings because they are largely based on research accomplishments and this is not the key priority of applied science Universities. This does not mean thought that the quality of education is less, many times it's even better because the focus is more on education. 

How can I find the best bachelor or master course in Holland for me? 

Goingdutch offers university counseling for those not sure what to study or what choice to make. Maybe you want to compare universities or even between countries? In 5 steps we help you find your perfect match. 

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