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About your cookie consent

Everything goingdutch does is intended to provide you as a visitor with the best possible information. For this we use so-called cookies and pixels. Do you not want your data to be stored using these cookies? Then you can simply not accept them.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies. We use these cookies to collect visitor statistics. By means of these cookies we gain insight into the use of our website and we can improve the user experience. The cookies collect information about, for example, which pages are visited the most, for how long and which links are clicked.

Google Analytics

We use the Google Analytics pixel, but we have made the information measured by it completely anonymous. Your IP address is anonymized by default and we do not share this information with third parties, not even with Google itself. We do not create profiles based on user behavior for marketing purposes, nor do we keep your information across multiple devices.

● These cookies are stored for a maximum of two years.
● Read more about how Google handles your data here.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are cookies that track the surfing behavior of a visitor within our website. We use these advertising cookies to compile an interest profile of your visit so that we can advertise more specifically.


Google Ads remarketing

This website uses the retargeting options of Google. This makes it possible to target visitors to our website who have already shown interest in a targeted manner with advertisements tailored to the person and their interests in the Google search engine and the Google Network. This takes place on the basis of a cookie, which does not store any personal data but does store the previous use on the website. This cookie is stored on your computer or mobile phone.

● These cookies are stored for a maximum of 540 days.
● Learn more about how Google Ads handles your data here.

● You can opt out of the Google cookie here.

Unsubscribe and change

Do you not want your data to be stored using these cookies? Then simply don't accept the cookies. The site will then continue to work fully. Do you regret and want to change your cookie consent? Then delete the cookies in your browser, refresh the page and you will see the cookie notification again.

Contact and questions
Do you have questions about our cookie permission or do you want your data to be adjusted? Please contact us via the contact page and we will ensure that your information is updated within one month.

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