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student experiences


Cristina, Leisure & Event Management

Christina is organizing a sensational music festival and dreams of having her own company as an artist manager. "In 2021 I'll graduate as a Event & Leisure Manager from Breda University, with already a lot of working experience on my CV. I'll be 100% ready to start my career!" 


Eduardo, Electrical &  Electronical  Engineering

As a Robot Systems Engineer, Eduardo works on self-guided drones, develops and optimizes all kinds of robotica and is part of a team that works on the smallest systems in the world; like an electronic nose and a laboratory on a chip. "That doesn't just sound cool, it is cool!! Thats why I choose to study at Saxion University in the Netherlands", Eduardo.



Built Environment

Two-thirds of the world's population will live in cities by 2050, so the world needs Urban Experts and City Designers to improve our cities and our lives. Built Environment at Breda University (BUAS) is 'the International course' for future urban experts. I will be one of them! " Carlo




When she graduates, Jessica will fight flooding and drouth all over the world as a ‘Water project manager’. "I want to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world, where we all keep our feet 'dry'. This is one of the biggest challenges of our future. Thats why I choose this unique course at HZ University, that is - not coincidental-  close to the sea!" Jessica

david screenshot.png

Davide, Human  Resource  


No day is the same as a Human Resource Manager. Davide: "I learned how to resolve conflicts, develop talents, recruit new colleagues, give management advice to Management & much more. Studying abroad means that you should not be to be afraid to go 'out of your comfort zone'" Davide studies HRM at Saxion University


Eleonora, Creative Business

Eleonora is passionate about movies, music and has a creative mind. As creative business manager she will be specilized in managing projects within the entertainment, media & creative industry. "Combine business with creativity like I do at NHL Stenden University!! 

Luuk IT.png

Luuk, ICT / Software Engineering

Luuk is fascinated by the possibilitiesof new technology, but also by the challenges and the "threats". He studies smart homes and medical robots but also computer security. "Perhaps I will choose the specialization in Ethical Hacking that NHL Stenden offers. I believe security will be one of the biggest challenges in the future of Software Engineering"


Silvia, International Business

Silvia has developed 21st century entrepreneurial skills and is almost ready to start as International Marketing and Sales Manager at a large international company! " I dream of traveling a lot after graduating in 2021 from HZ University. And maybe one day I'll even found my own company."

laz HZ.png


Logistics Engineering

Can you beat Amazon, Deliveroo or DHL? Laz can!! He is almost ready for a job as a logistics engineer. If you want to follow in his footsteps, the Netherlands is the place to be. "I've already had several job offers, even though i did not graduate yet. That is one of the reasons why I choose for Logistics at HZ University"

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