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Saxion is well known for their fantastic learning facilities, in housing for example a professional film studio, a fully functional Fablab, a Lego Education Lab, Virtual Reality labs, Robotics labs, and the list continues. For sure one of the most innovative Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands!

Saxion University has about 27.000 students spread over in 3 cities in the Netherlands: Enschede, Deventer & Apeldoorn.
Unique features of Saxion >>

Bachelor Courses (Corsi di Laurea Triennale)

Applied Computer Science

International Business

Creative Media & Game Technologies

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

 Fashion & Textile Technologies

Finance and Accounting (International)

Hotel Management

Human Resource Management (International)

 ICT (Software Engineering)


 Tourisme Management


Master Courses (Corsi di Laurea Magistrale)

Business Administration (MBA)

Facility and Real Estate Management

Innovative Textile Development

Management (MA)


Unique Features
1.  Smart Solutions semester (interdisciplinary) where all students from all fields mix and work on a shared project

2. Fantastic labs (fablab, virtual reality lab, robotica lab, legolab, ecc)

3. They have a supermarket in their main building in Enschede (!)

4. In the beautiful green east of the Netherlands

5. You can bike to Germany in 10 minutes from Enschede

unique features saxion universit
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