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what makes the dutch educuational system stand out

1. A trio of possibilities

There are three different types universities in Holland (the Netherlands). 13 research universities of which 4 are "technological" & 41 universities of applied science.

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2. Universities connected to businesses

The universities of applied sciences are tailored to the needs of businesses. The result is that almost all students (85%) already finds a job before graduating.


3. Problem based learning

Students work in groups on real cases and / or projects. The theory is directly applied to current problems that society struggles with.


4. The teaching style can be described as interactive and student-centered, providing students with the attention and freedom they need to develop their opinions and creativity by applying their new acquired knowledge.

Respect for individual opinions and beliefs is essential for the Dutch education system.


5. International classroom

The context in Holland is very international. 10% of all students that studies in the Netherlands comes from abroad and participates in courses in English. The average percentage of foreign students in those English tracks is therefore more than 50%


Study abroad? That's why the Netherlands is the best choice!

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