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Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands

Avans UniversityBreda University (BUAS)Fontys UniversitySaxion UniversityHZ UniversityHAS |

 The Hague University (THUAS)NHL Stenden University | Windesheim | HAN | HvA | Hanze | Nyenrode Business School | Rotterdam Business School | Hotelschool The Hague | Zuyd | HU | van Hall Larenstein | Leiden UAS | CHE

Research Universities in the Netherlands

Twente UniversityTU/eTU Delft | Wageningen University | Tilburg University | RUGUVA | VU | 

Maastricht University | Nyenrode Business University | Utrecht University | Erasmus UniversityLeiden University | Radboud University

Art / design Schools in the Netherlands

ARTEZ | AHK Amsterdam | Design Academy Eindhoven | Gerrit Rietveld Academy | KABK The Hague




bredauniversity goingdutch

BUAS is a relatively small University with about 7700 students from over 100 countries. At Breda you are prepared for management-level positions in an international setting.,  


BUAS is internationally accredited by (amongst others) the UN World Tourism Organization, the World Leisure Organization and the International Facility Management Association. ECA certificated for Quality in Programme Internationalization.

Bachelor & Master Courses.

Best specialized Dutch Universities (UAS), rank 1


The Hague University goingdutch

The Hague University is located in the political heart of the Netherlands. here you can find the Peace Palace, International Court of Justice, Het Binnenhof (Dutch parliament), 115 embassies, multinationals like Shell, Siemens and ING and many international NGOs.


At THUAS you will become a global citizen, ready to actively contribute to changing and improving our world. 

Bachelor and Master Courses.

Best Dutch (large) Universities (UAS), rank 11


zuyd university goingdutch.jpg

You will find Zuyd University in a charming historic city about the size of Bergamo called Maastricht. Maastricht is located in the far south (hence the name  'zuyd') of the Netherlands, strategically positioned between Belgium and Germany.

Zuyd University is an ambitious medium-sized university (14,000 students). At Zuyd they are convinced that the 21st century is not just about knowledge, but also about the ability to apply that knowledge to practice. The University is known for its personal and small-scale approach, centered on skill and practice

Bachelor's & Master's Degree Courses

Best Specialized Dutch Universities (Applied) - rank 1


University of Twente goingdutch

Famous for combining technology, innovation and society. With a focus on technology and healthcare and smart materials. Strong University for those who are interested in tecnical courses and modern versions of the more classical topics like business and communications. Study psychology here and you will not become a 'couch psychologist' but one that researches how the human mind interacts with AI, robots and virtual reality. 

University of Twente is based in Enschede but also offers some courses in Amsterdam. 


Bachelor and Master Courses.

QS World University Ranking: 172


Nyenrode Business University goingdutch.png

Through the combination of high level academic theory, practical relevance and personal development, Nyenrode's MBA programs offer you "a reward" for life.

With an MBA from Nyenrode you get not only receive a high-level academic qualification, knowledge and skills. You will also go on a 'journey', through which you will discover your personal "leadership", your entrepreneurial skills and you will learn how to apply scientific theory to daily practice. Because Nyenrode and her alumni are such a close-knit community, you'll also get a vast and valuable network of multinational companies.

Master's & Bachelor's Degree Courses
Ranking: best business university in the Netherlands!


saxion university goingdutch.jpg

Saxion is well known for their fantastic learning facilities, in housing for example a professional film studio, a fully functional Fablab, a Lego Education Lab, Virtual Reality labs, Robotics labs, and the list continues. They also work hard to be one of the most inclusive and divers universities in the Netherlands. For sure one of the most innovative Universities of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands!

Saxion University has about 27.000 students spread over in 3 cities in the Netherlands: Enschede, Deventer & Apeldoorn.


Bachelor & Master Courses

Best large Dutch Universities (UAS) - rank 7


hz university of applied sciences goingdutch

HZ in Zeeland is one of the smaller Universities of the Netherlands. Here you will become part of an international family and you will never feel 'alone in a strange country'.

The size of the University makes it possible to offer personal education with a lot of attention for each student and their development. HZ offers housing guarantee and its programs intertwine perfectly with what is needed in the professional world. 


Bachelor and Master Courses

Best medium Dutch Universities (Applied)- rank 2


avans university holland goingdutch

Avans has been crowned best large Dutch University of Applied Sciences for many years. They offer few but very high-quality courses in English. They place high demands on students. Without struggle there will be no personal growth, is their firm believe.


Bachelor Courses: 

- Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy and Technology

- Finance & Control

- Industrial Engineering & Management

- International Business

All Bachelor and Master Courses

Best (large) Dutch Universities (Applied) rank 1


fontys university holland goingdutch

University in the innovative heart of the Netherlands: Eindhoven (Brabant) with a large number of students and quality courses to choose from. 

Fontys offers housing guarantee & and almost 100% of their technical students (in courses like mechatronics and software engineering) find a job even before graduating. Perfect choice for those who are tech-minded and are considering to also launch their careers in the Netherlands. 

Bachelor & Master Courses

Best large Universities (UAS), rank 5


NHL Stenden University Holland goingdutch

At NHL Stenden University you collect real-world work experiences as you study and become a true professional. The University also offers many international possibilities. The Stenden campus can be found not only in 5 Dutch cities but also in Qatar, Bali, Thailand & South Africa!


NHL Stenden is also a university that offers the opportunityfor development from a school and non-school point of view, by joining one of the many student associations that are connected to each course.

Bachelor and Master Courses.

Best (large) Dutch Universities (Applied) rank 4




HAS University of Applied Sciences is a small specialized university in the south of the Netherlands. Food & agriculture, environment and business are the central themes. HAS can be seen as the Applied Science version of research University Wageningen and was voted best educational and expertise Centre in the Southern Netherlands for the agri-food and environment sectors.

The perfect choice for students interested in topics like food, land, water, environment, that like to study in a practical and concrete way. (Also accepts degrees from istituti tecnici, that generally are not accepted by Wageningen University).

Bachelor Courses.

Best Specialized Dutch Universities (Applied) - rank 1



EUR is one of the two Universities in Rotterdam and is famous for its courses in business, economics, marketing and econometrics. But EUR is also, not to be underestimated for media & communications.

Based in the beautiful modern and edgy city of Rotterdam you will for sure have a great study abroad experience!


Bachelor and Master Courses

QS World University Ranking - rank 179


universities amsterdam.jpg

At InHolland they believe that to learn you must be brave. Learning is a mindset you adopt. A mindset that helps you develop yourself, every single day.

Observing, listening and speaking when needed are key skills you learn at Inholland University.

InHolland offers courses in Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem & The Hague

Bachelor's Degree Courses:

Aeronautic Engineering, Business Innovation, Creative Business, ICT, Mathematical Engineering, Tourism Management.



Radboud University in Nijmegen has been rated the best general, traditional university in the Netherlands. A University where top research and high-quality education come together!


Their mission: a significant impact, "our society faces complex challenges that require interdisciplinary collaboration". This is why Radboud University has explicitly opted for strong and broadly defined disciplines and cooperation between those disciplines. The university also assigns sustainability a prominent role in its research, education, and business operations. 


Bachelor and Master Courses

1. Best Dutch Traditional University


general webinar or law.jpg

Hard tech university in the heart of high tech: Eindhoven. Where compagnies like Philips and ASML have their headquarters.

Eindhoven University of Technology is part of the Brainport consortium, a collaboration of universities, companies and government organizations. Creating an ideal start-up climate in this region, making the Brainport region the economic motor of the Netherlands. 
TU/e is one of the 3 engineering universities in the Netherlands.


Bachelor and Master Courses

QS World University Ranking 99


White Horse

Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable world and work on your personal development? 

Van Hall Larenstein University offers a variety of bachelor's & unique master's degrees, in sectors where the Netherlands is at the top. 

So if you're interested in the world of 'food & nutrition or international trade, if you are looking for a degree in the field ofequestrian sports or if you want to work onUnited Nations Sustainability Goals, VHL has the right program for you!


Master's Degree Courses & Triennial.

Best Dutch Applied University in it's field



At Rotterdam Business School (2500 students) it's all about international business. Education, company internships, exchange programs and practical research projects; they are all aimed at preparing you for a career in international business. Real business cases provided by international companies are the focus of many courses. At Rotterdam Business School, students are called upon to learn and act quickly and decisively, to base their decisions on growing experience and sound reflection.


Bachelor's & Master's Degree Courses 



Serving and enhancing society to help citizens. That is what drives Tilburg. Their motto 'understanding society' says it all!

Tilburg offers courses in economics, business and entrepreneurship, social and behavioural sciences, law and public administration, the humanities and digital sciences, and theology. Quite all their courses are also offered in English.

Bachelor and Master Courses.

QS World University Ranking 319

RUG - University of Groningen


The University of Groningen is an internationally oriented university, rooted in Groningen, already for 400 years. 

Groningen University connects education and research to sustainable and economic processes in society. This comes together in three spearheads: Energy, Healthy Aging and Sustainable Society.


Bachelor and Master Courses

QS World University Ranking 120



Leiden University was founded in 1575 and is one of the oldest leading international research universities in Europe.


It has seven faculties in the arts, humanities and sciences, located in different locations in Leiden and The Hague. She is well known for her courses in law, history, philosophy.


Master's & Bachelor's Degree Courses.

QS World University Ranking 122 



Windesheim is one of the best universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands offering two first-rate degree programs in English: International Business & Global Project & Change Management.

Windesheim is located in Zwolle, the capital of the province of Overijssel. A medium-sized historic city located on the Zwarte Water and Vecht rivers. 

Degree courses:

International Business

Global Project & Change Management


delft universyt of technology the nether

Delft is one of the 3 technical Universities in the Netherlands, named after the city in which it is based. Delft is noted for programs like aerospace engineering, earth sciences, marine technology and clinical technology. With their academic research they focus on creating impactful solutions for society. 

The application deadlines at Delft University are set early in the year and they don't accept all Italian high school diploma's, so check their admission requirements well! Good quality alternatives are University of Twente and Eindhoven University of Technology.


Corsi di Laurea Magistrale & Triennale.

QS World University Ranking - rank 52



Hard tech university in the heart of high tech: Eindhoven. Where compagnies like Philips and ASML have their headquarters.

Eindhoven University of Technology is part of the Brainport consortium, a collaboration of universities, companies and government organizations. Creating an ideal start-up climate in this region, making the Brainport region the economic motor of the Netherlands. 
TU/e is one of the 3 engineering universities in the Netherlands.


Bachelor and Master Courses

QS World University Ranking 99

HZ University
NHL Stenden University
Delft University of Technology
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