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InHolland teaches students to persevere where others stop. Learning this way takes more effort than just working through piles of books, memorizing notes, and taking tests. This type of learning requires courage: the courage to make choices, to try new things, to overcome fears and to trust your instincts. At InHolland you will be encouraged to change your mind when necessary and adapt to the world around you, because they are eager to help you become the best professional possible. Making mistakes is seen as a good thing, because mistakes are life lessons anyway.

Learning is also working together because Inholland is like a second family, full of people who support you, who help you overcome doubts and find the right direction.

Bachelor courses

Aeronautical Engineering

Business Innovation

Creative Business


Mathematical Engineering
Tourism Management

Unique Features

1. Various campuses, in the most beautiful cities of Holland such as Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem and The Hague

2. Exclusive degree program in aeronautical engineering

3. Good collaborations, for example with Delft University of Technology

4. Exclusive degree program in Business Innovation

5. "Leader" in sustainability, mobility, health and creativity

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