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Avans University of Applied Sciences has been crowned best large Dutch University of Applied Sciences for many years. They offer few but very high-quality courses in English. They place high demands on students. Without struggle there will be no personal growth, is their firm believe.

Unique Features of Avans University >>

Bachelor Courses (Corsi di Laurea Triennale)

Environmental Science for Sustainable Energy

Industrial Engineering and Management

Finance and Control (International)

International Business (marketing & finance track)

International Business (cross-culturale track)

Master Courses (Corsi di Laurea Magistrale)


Fine Art & Design

Unique Features

1. Since years the best large Dutch University of Applied Sciences

2. Not many courses in English, but of very good quality. What they do they do well!

3. They ask a lot from their students, so if you are searching for an easy ride, don't choose Avans

4. They have a campus-cat called 'Avansje'

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