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Nyenrode Business 

Choose the MBA that's right for you!

Through the combination of academic theory, practical relevance and personal development, Nyenrode's MBA programs offer you "a reward" for life.

With an MBA from Nyenrode you get much more than: a high-level academic qualification, knowledge or skills. You will go on a journey, during which you will discover your personal "leadership", your entrepreneurial skills and you will learn how to apply scientific theory to daily practice. And because Nyenrode and her alumni are such a close-knit community, you'll also get a vast and valuable network of multinational companies.

Nyenerode can perhaps be better compared to Bocconi University when it comes to their "track-record" and the quality of business courses. It is a private university, something you don't often find in the Netherlands. A Masters in Nyenrode prepares you for a successful career in business by providing you with the knowledge you need, but also by connecting you to a large network of multinationals located in the Netherlands & around the world. Are you at the beginning of your career? Do you want to take the next step and are you looking to deepen or broaden your field of expertise? Nyenrode's MBAs are designed to always adapt to your personal situation and professional goals. Then choose the MBA that's right for you: full-time, part-time or modular.


Bachelor's Degree Courses

Business Administration  


Master's Degree Course (Masters)
Management (MSc.)

Business Administration (MBA)

Executive MBA (MBA)

Executive MBA Business & Information Technology (MBA)

Unique Features

1. Best Business Universities in the Netherlands

2.  High Ranking (ranking) International

3. Among the few private universities in the Netherlands

4. The only Business University (100%) in the Netherlands

5. Choose from two locations: the spectacular Breukelen campus or the center of Amsterdam

6. Network of multinationals and high-level alumni

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