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​By choosing HAN you opt for practice-based learning, in which you constantly apply the theory learned in projects. The teaching style is quite informal and the classes are small, between 20 and 30 students. This means that you will not be a number, but that the teachers will know you by name.

Nijmegen and Arnhem are known for being safe, diverse and inclusive, student-friendly cities, just 1 hour from Amsterdam. Lots of parks, bars and places to hang out with your new friends! From Nijmegen or Arnhem you will have easy access to other Dutch and European cities that you can visit on weekends.


Bachelor courses

Automotive Engineering



Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Embedded Systems Engineering
International Business

International Social Work

Life Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Molecular Bioscience (joint degree with University of Dundee, UK)


Masters Degree Courses
Circular Economy

Engineering systems - Automotive Systems

Engineering systems - Cyber Physical Systems

Engineering Systems - Sustainabal Energy

Molecular Life Sciences 

Unique Features
1. Unique Features:

2. Small classes: 20 to 30 students

3. Practice-based learning

4. Informal teaching style

5. International, diverse and supportive community
both in the university and in the city

6. Beautiful student-friendly cities just 1 hour from Amsterdam

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