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Bachelor's or 

Master's degree in the Netherlands?

Top quality Universities


Unique educational system 


Good quality pice balance


International environment

Excellent career opportunities after graduation


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Italian students already choose the Netherlands


of international students is satisfied about their course (iso 2020)


of graduates finds a job within 2 months after graduating

discover a new

way of learning

Do you feel that you've been studying to much from books only? Has the development of skills been a weak spot in your education so far? Or maybe you are worried about finding a job after graduating and you feel an international experience would be an additional value for you? 

Then the Netherlands is the perfect place for you!

Discover a different way of learning, based on real life cases and issues that allow you to immediately apply the offered theory. Combine high level academic education with the development of your professional skills and your first working experiences. Increasing the possibility to find a job immediately after graduating. 

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Dr. Lonnie Holders,


Carlo, Breda University

Buas is a very good university in several respects. Being able to study an applied sciences course allowed me to develop not only theoretical skills but also to test myself in a practical sense, an aspect that I considered fundamental in choosing to study in the Netherlands.

Beatrice, Twente University

After a year of psychology at Cattolica (Milan), I felt the need to give a more practical and modern note to the subject. Since the University of Twente is a university of technology, psychology (a subject build mostly on humanities) is also approached in a problem-solving way. From the point of view of university life, till now I am delighted with my experience!

Francesco, Avans UNiversity

Avans is an excellent college, modern, advanced, prestigious and very serious. At an organizational level, I did experience some 

communication inaccuracies, certainly also due to the Covid19 situation.

The teachers are always available and always try to find time for students who require their attention.


Read, Watch & meet

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  • An overview of all that is needed when you consider studying in The Netherlands

  • Different types of universities explained

  • Unique study programs in the spotlight

  • Tips and tricks for admission

  • Inspiration for your future

  • Scholarships and study-loans explained


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  • The educational system explained in detail

  • Students from Italy share their experiences

  • Compare programs from the same category

  • Courses explained by students currently enrolled

  • Meet University representatives

  • Get all your questions answered


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  • Objective one 2 one study advise

  • Do our study choice test to find out what course matches your interests 

  • Join our Q&A sessions

  • Meet a student

  • Get help with your application

  • Register for free at one of our 12+ partner Uni's

  • Meet us at your school our an (online) faur


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